Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to create an account to order from

Yes, creating an account allows you to save your prescription information and other preferences that can make shopping on quicker and more convenient in the future.

Why do you need my phone number?

One of our sales associate will personally call you if they notice a problem with your order, such as an expired or incorrectly entered prescription, to see how you would like to handle the issue.

Where is my order receipt?

You should have received a copy of your order receipt at the email address used to place your order. However, if you didn't or you need another copy, log in to your account and click on order history. This page will show you all the previous orders placed with us.

Do you sell frames without lenses?

Yes, you can purchase frames only without lenses. If you decide you would like to purchase lenses later, you can send your frames back to us and we will add prescription lenses to them.

How do I know what size frame I need?

You may be able to find your size numbers printed on the inside of your current eyeglass or call our expert Client Services Executive on +233 50 151 9111 if you need additional help.

Can you repair my broken frames?

We offer a wide variety of repair services. Visit our showroom or call us for more information. Don't throw it out! Repair it

How do I know which lens material to choose?

The ideal material for your lenses depends on your prescription.
• Plastic lenses are recommended for light prescriptions, ranging from no correction to +/-1.75.

• Polycarbonate lenses are 30% thinner and lighter than plastic and recommended for people with prescriptions ranging from +/- 2.00 to +/-4.00. Polycarbonate is also recommended for children under 18 years of age and anyone who has an active lifestyle, due to its impact-resistance. Rimless and semi-rimless frames also work best with polycarbonate lenses.

• 1.67 Hi-Index lenses are 45% thinner than plastic lenses and help reduce the distortion of your eyes that people see when they look at you through your glasses. This lens material is recommended for people with prescriptions of +/- 2.00 and greater.

Which lens features should I choose for my eyeglasses?

All of our lenses come with a scratch-resistant coating, UV protection. Premium features can be added to your lenses if you choose the premium lens options.
• UV Protection is a clear coating that blocks the sun's harmful UV rays from reaching your eyes. UV protection is so important that we automatically include it with your order.

• Anti-Reflective (AR) coating eliminates the glare on the front and back of your lenses. AR is a must-have on any pair of Rx glasses, since it reduces eye strain and has easy to clean (super hydrophobic) properties.

• Digital Light Protection is a precision engineered lens coating that can deflect a significant portion of harmful blue/violet light, leaving your eyes fresh, even after a long day at the office in front of a screen.

• Transitions Lenses automatically lighten and darken to adjust to outdoor light conditions. This option is ideal for people who do not want to constantly switch back and forth between their prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses.

What is the difference between bi-focal and progressive lenses?

Bifocal lenses offers two different viewing zones: the top part of the lens is for distance (i.e. to help you see things far away) and the lower part for the lens is for reading (i.e. to help you see things up close). The viewing zones of bi-focal lenses are divided by a visible line.

Progressive lenses are essentially no-line bi-focal. But instead of offering just two different viewing zones (near and far vision), progressive lenses offer many different focal points by seamlessly transitioning from distance vision to intermediate and near vision and everything in between. Progressive lenses provide much more natural vision and are typically recommended over bi-focal lenses.

Can I order lenses only?

Yes, will allow you to purchase prescription lenses only. However, you must send us your eyeglass or frames before we can process your order because we will need to cut the prescription lenses to fit your exact frame

Can you replace the lenses I have in my current frame?

Yes, can replace the prescription lenses in your current frame. However, you must send us your eyeglass frames before we can process your order because we will need to cut the prescription lenses to fit your exact frame.

I work on a computer all day. Can this hurt my eyes?

Computer monitors emit levels of radiation that are considerably lower than the maximum allowed for safety. Using the computer all day can therefore affect your eyes.

How long does it take to get my glasses?

On average it takes about one week for your eyeglasses to be ready for pickup. Although for single vision orders we do offer 24 hour service. Occasionally we can rush progressives to only a three day waiting time.

Can I use my insurance to pay for my glasses or contacts lenses?

Yes, is an out-of-network provider for most insurance plans. Once you've placed your order, you can submit your prescription eyewear or contact lens purchase for reimbursement through your vision insurance provider

What forms of payment do you accept? accepts all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and MTN MoMo /Vodafone cash/Airtel Tigo Money.

How do you ensure that my personal and payment information is secure? uses a secure server and transmits all sensitive/credit information via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology before that data is then encrypted into our payment gateway database. We do not store any of your private/payment information on our servers after your transaction has been completed.

Do you supply internationally?

Yes, we deliver products in the sub region.

What does single-vision mean?

Single-vision means that you are either near sighted or far sighted, but not both (as is the case with people who need bi-focal or progressive lenses). Single-vision is the term used to refer to corrective prescription lenses that do not have multiple viewing zones, like bi-focal and progressives do.

What is pupillary distance (PD) and how do I measure mine?

Pupillary distance (PD) is simply the distance (in millimeters) between the centers of your pupils. PD is important because it helps our lab figure out where the optical center of your lenses should be.

What is your return/exchange policy?

You can return or exchange a product for any reason within 90 days of receiving your order. Review our Returns & Exchanges policy for complete details on

How long do I have to exchange or return an item?

Robert and Sons will issue a full refund or replacement of goods in the following instances where:

a.   Products ordered by you (and which are confirmed by Robert and Sons as available to be replaced ) within 7  days of the dispatch date if the goods do not arrive at the delivery address.

b.   Products you have ordered are returned to Robert and Sons as undeliverable by the postal/courier service.

c.   Products supplied are received as damaged and reported immediately (within 24hrs) upon delivery.

d.   Prescription glasses/sunglasses or contact lenses are supplied to the wrong prescription/specification.

5.2         A refund or replacement will be issued to you following receipt by Robert and Sons of the returned goods. Such refund or replacement will be provided within 72 hours of the date the returned goods are received. All returns (except undeliverable items).

5.3         Refunds will be limited to the maximum value of the original order, excluding delivery charges unless in the case of undelivered goods, and will only be issued against the same form of payment as supplied to pay for the goods

5.4         All online payment refunds will be by the same means through the appointed third party. Please note that refunds can take 7-10 days to appear in your bank or credit card account. This may depend on which bank you use and where it is located.

5.5         If you are returning the Items within 3 days after delivery to your home, we will refund the price you paid for the items excluding the initial delivery charges (where applicable) in Cedis.

5.6         For any Items from your order which are damaged, faulty or mis-described, we will refund the cost of your order and all delivery charges, including the postage cost of returning these Item(s).

Do I have to pay delivery charges again if I return or exchange an item?

If you are returning or exchanging your item because the order is wrong or the product is damaged, will provide you with free return delivery charge. If you are returning or exchanging your item because of size, fit, color, or some other personal preference, then you will be responsible for paying the cost of delivering your item back to us

Is the damage to my glasses covered under your warranty?

In general, damage to frames or lenses caused by a defect in the manufacturing process is covered under our warranty, while damage caused by the wearer is not covered.

How long does your warranty last?

Our frame and lens warranties cover products for from the date you received them and last for 90 days.

What do you mean by 90 Day Lenses Guarantee?

We pride ourselves on quality, so we want your lenses to provide you with such crystal clear vision that you forget you are even wearing glasses. If you find your prescription lenses are anything less than perfect, we will remake your lenses in the same frame absolutely free.
And if your doctor makes any changes to your prescription within 90 days of you receiving your order, we will make new lenses for your same frames for free.

How will I know if my item is on back order?

You will receive an email at the address you provided to inform you that your item is on back order. You will also receive a call from our customer service department to ask you how you would like to proceed with your order.

What is the proper way to clean and care for my eyewear?

• Clean your glasses by using water with liquid soap.

• Dry your glasses gently with a soft cotton towel or cleaning cloth for eyeglasses.

• A soft toothbrush can be used to wash away any grime around the nose pads. Be careful not to accidently scuff the lens.

• Avoid using rough materials such as facial tissue or paper towels to dry your glasses, as they may scratch your frame or lenses.

How to care for your eyewear:

• Avoid leaving your glasses in a hot vehicle. High heat could damage the frame and lenses.

• Avoid touching your lenses with your hands to prevent contact with dirt and oil particles that could scratch the surface.

• When not using your glasses, keep them in a case to avoid scratches.

How do I adjust my glasses so that they fit better?

Before delivering your glasses to you, we will adjust them based on standard fit. If you require further adjustments, we encourage you to visit any of our branches. Our team will adjust your glasses free of charge, as courtesy. We do not recommend adjusting your glasses yourself, as excessive force or bending can break the frames or lenses

Whom should I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions or concerns about your order or the products on the website, please click here

What are your business hours?

You may place an order on the website at any day or time throughout the year. However, our customer service department can be reached on +233 50 151 9111 and during the business hours listed below.

Monday- Friday: 7:0 a.m. – 6 p.m. ( Adabraka & Danquah Branches)
All others, 8: am to 5 pm - Monday to Saturday
Saturday: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Sunday: Closed

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